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Friday, April 21, 2017

Lilium celebrates successful flight tests of world’s first electric VTOL jet

Unveils 5 seater model for use as on-demand air taxi

Munich, April 20, 2017: Lilium Jet, the first zero-emission electric plane capable of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), has completed a series of rigorous flight tests in the skies above Germany.

The two-seater prototype executed a range of complex maneuvers, including its signature mid-air transition from hover mode to wing-borne forward flight.

Lilium is now developing a larger, five-seater version of the Jet, designed for on-demand air taxi and ride-sharing services.

Celebrating the landmark moment, Lilium co-founder and CEO Daniel Wiegand said: “Seeing the Lilium Jet take to the sky and performing sophisticated maneuvers with apparent ease is testament to the skill and perseverance of our amazing team. We have solved some of the toughest engineering challenges in aviation to get to this point.

“The successful test flight programme shows that our ground-breaking technical design works exactly as we envisioned. We can now turn our focus to designing the five seater production aircraft.”

The Lilium Jet is 100% electrically powered, so creates no harmful emissions, making it a potential solution to deteriorating air quality in towns and cities, caused by road traffic.

It is also the only electric aircraft capable of both VTOL and jet-powered flight, using its wings for lift, similar to a conventional airplane.

This advanced capability consumes around 90% less energy than drone-style aircraft, enabling the Lilium Jet to achieve a range of more than 300 km with a maximum cruising speed of 300 km/h.

In flight, the Jet’s power consumption per km will be comparable to an electric car.

Take-off and landing for a Lilium Jet only requires a small open space or landing pad on a building - alleviating pressure on congested roads.

The combination of energy efficient flight and minimal ground infrastructure will enable passenger flights with comparable pricing to normal car taxis over the same distance.

A typical journey by Lilium Jet will be at least 5x faster than by car, with even greater efficiencies in busy cities. For example, a flight from Manhattan to New York’s JFK Airport will take around 5 minutes, compared to 55 minutes driving.

The ability of the Lilium Jet to travel long distances, quickly and at low cost will also open new opportunities for people to live further away from their place of work.

Lilium describes this phenomenon as increasing the radius of living by 5x.

How the Lilium Jet Works

The Lilium Jet is a lightweight aircraft powered by 36 electric jet engines mounted to its wings via 12 moveable flaps.

It is unique in combining the benefits of VTOL offered by helicopters and drones, with the speed and range of a jet aircraft.

At take-off, the Lilium Jet’s flaps are pointed downwards to provide vertical lift.

Once airborne, the flaps gradually tilt into a horizontal position, providing forward thrust.

When the wing flaps are horizontal, all of the lift required to keep the Lilium Jet in the air is provided by air passing over the wings - as with a conventional airplane.

Safety is of primary concern of Lilium, and the Jet is designed along the principle of Ultra Redundancy:

The aircraft’s engines are individually shielded, so the failure of a single unit cannot affect adjacent engines.

The Lilium Jet’s power cells are designed to continue delivering sufficient power for continued flight and a safe landing in the unlikely event that part of the battery configuration fails.

Lilium’s Flight Envelope Protection System prevents the pilot from performing maneuvers that would take the aircraft beyond safe flight parameters.

Website    http://lilium.com/

Facebook    https://facebook.com/LiliumAviation

Twitter    http://twitter.com/Lilium

Youtube    https://youtube.com/LiliumAviation

Email press@lilium.com for further inquiries.

About Lilium

Lilium was founded in 2015 by Daniel Wiegand and three fellow-academics from the Technical University of Munich. The group shared a vision of a completely new type of transportation. In less than two years, Lilium has grown from the founding team to a company of more than 40 world-class engineers, developing and building the first fully electric vertical take -off and landing (VTOL) jet. With an estimated range of 300 km, a maximum cruising speed of 300 km/h, and zero emissions, the Lilium Jet will be the most efficient and environmentally friendly means of high speed transportation. With ultra-redundancy by design, the Lilium Jet is also setting new standards in aircraft safety.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hoverbike Scorpion-3 by Hoversurf Flight

This futuristic Hoversurf Hoverbike Scorpion-3 will changed the way in air travelling. Welcome to the future.

Friday, November 21, 2014

This is the way how to fold your world record paper plane.

In February 2012, Bob Collins, a. ok. a The Paper Airplane Guys, broke the all-time long distance record for document airplane flight by means of throwing his airplane in a total distance associated with 226 feet and 10 inches. On this video, John teaches the best way to fold the document airplane model he utilized to break the record inside the comfort of your own home.

Making paper airplanes is a basic skill when you are a kid. I used to flip the end of the wings upward and breathe on the head of the airplane to make it fly farther. But according to John Collins-the maker of the paper airplane with the world record for the longest distance-I was doing it wrong. This is how to do it properly.

This is the video that shows how they broke the world record. Former Cal Berkeley quarterback Joe Ayoob is the guy throwing the plane.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Virtual Pilot 3D New flight simulator games

VirtualPilot3D Banner


New Flight Simulator Games has been released. Some Highlights of our Digital Flight Simulation 3D Game:

1. You have over 200 helicopters and airplanes to choose.
2. More than 20,000 landing places and airports.
3. Organized interactive books as well as instructions for fast learning.
4. Hills and errant level similar to true piloting.
5. Instruments respond quite realistically.
6. Supports additional hardware and thus, you can now use yokes, pedals etc.
7. Allows carrier landing.
8. Messages available.
9. Helps both MAC. as well as PCs
10. Guarantee of 60 days if not quite happy with the game.

Virtual Pilot 3d has all the necessary functions to allow it to be one of the greatest flight simulator games available in the market now. In reality, the designers have made great efforts to create a sport, which feels and seems really true.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

E-volo : vehicle revolution inspired by rc drone

Automotive manufacturers continually strive to create a figure of future cars that are no longer walking on land, but in the air.

Flying car will be assessed the needs of society as well as the main solution in the big cities, which is often stuck in traffic jams.

For this reason, an engineer in England, Thomas Senkel and his two friends, creating a car-shaped flying helicopters.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday, November 8, 2011, vehicle-based helicopter was named E-Volo-16 rotor, and capable of flying in the air without any input from the pilot.

This new type of vehicle adequately controlled from the joystick. Surely this is a starting point for future vehicle revolution. In tests conducted this week, E-Volo managed float for 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Senkel explains E-Volo currently only able to fly for about 20 minutes, because of the limitations of lithium-ion battery power, it uses.

"This vehicle has a very good structure and are able to replace other vehicles, helicopters and even in many situations," he said

E-Volo can be used to check the pipe line, air ambulance or take photographs from the air or just for fun. In an emergency, the E-Volo is also equipped with parachutes and GPS. There has been no intention of all three to produce E-Volo to the market.

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