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Friday, September 24, 2010

First Flight Cricri Electric engine

September 9, 2010 The all-electric Cri Cri, the first airplane acrobatics of the four engines, made his first official flight to Le Bourget airport near Paris last week (September 3). The morning flight was good, all systems worked well, and the pilot reported an excellent maneuverability. Although it was a great flight was relatively short as Chrissy returned to Earth after seven minutes. The Cri Cri was developed to sail for 30 minutes at 59 knots and reach speeds of 135 knots acrobatics and climbing to 1,000 feet per minute.

The aerobatics team includes many innovative technologies such as Composite, that reduce the weight of the cell and compensate for the added weight of the batteries, four brushless electric motors with propellers, CO2 emissions have, without drive noise emissions and significantly to lithium batteries of low comparatively high thermal energy density.

The Cri Cri-test is a system integration with low electric technologies in support of projects such as our hybrid drive system for helicopters, said Jean Botti, Chief Technology Officer of EADS. We hope to get many useful information about this project. In the near future will power the battery is not capable of large aircraft.

The Cri Cri-was jointly organized by EADS Innovation Works, Aerospace Saintonge compounds, and the Association of Cri Cri-developed green.


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