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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tiny electric plane unveiled at Paris air show -smallest twin-engine aircraft in the world

A tiny electric powered plane, said to be the smallest twin-engine aircraft in the world, has taken flight at the Paris Air Show.

Pilot, Hugues Duval, dazzled spectators with a demonstration flight, in the "Cri-Cri".

The plane can reach speeds of up to 260km/h (160mph).



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DannyB said...

That's absolutely mind-blowing. I wonder if you could try that out as private jet charter?

Joshua said...

Woah! Now this is a wicked plane. It may be small, but its twin engines are very much capable of taking it to great heights. Everyone's just waiting for the flight to take off. Danny's right, this is mind blowing. :-)

Joshua Green

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